Tuesday, October 30, 2012
HEY THERE! look who is back at blogspot?! yes, i've noticed my last post was way back at year 2009, like 3 years ago? :O Ive not bothered to even log in, view my blog from then till today. All the views i have probably been getting now are probably from some random guests who came across it through google search or something lol.
Anyway, why did i make the decision to actually post something in this looong abandoned blog again? Trust me, it took me alot, seriously A LOT of time to contemplate.. *should i or should i not, could i, would i?
1. just cause I want to PROCRASTINATE from doing my assignments! damnnn.
2. just a space to write my thoughts, express my feelings considering the views i will be getting are from strangers and nobody would actually care much about those emotional, touchy, mushy, raging relentless posts i will be writing, aint it? sometimes it is good to let out some secrets or feelings youve been bottling up all to yourself =)
3. a space for my own advertising on preloved/preowned items! trust me, it is sooooo hard to sell something off or to even advertise it and attract some serious buyers :/ so much harder than what i thought it would be. to even think i should join sales&marketing department after my degree or start up own mini business through online as hobby, what a joke. it takes more courage than what i will ever have to succeed in those fields!
4. i somehow develop some passion in showing off some outfit in my own sense and preference posts like what any other typical girly bloggers would do. HEHEE. most of the time you would see me in casual and really simple outfit. I.JUST.DONT.LIKE.TO.OVERDRESS. for non occasion, i dont know why but it makes me feel insecured, awkward and awkward...

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I am heading back to do my assignments! or probably get some nap 1st and proceed to it later at night after my movie and skype with baby zhi and... we will see. hahah.

`toodles! xx



PLEASE BUY! it deserves a good, new owner! BRAND NEW! size as stated in the picture. np at parkson Malaysia is RM369, selling it off at RM200 + POSLAJU within Malaysia!!!
i bought the wrong size and it is too small for meeeeee so it is 100% new and authentic. please please help me :D so pretty and comfortable you just have to own it!

IF INTERESTED, please email me at: tiffanytan_91@yahoo.com
12:56 AM

Saturday, April 18, 2009
i passed my driving test recently and got my P license, which means i am LEGAL on the road :D :D :D

*pictures of license are not available due to uglyness*

based on my theory...
when new friends come, old friends are tend to be put aside, or rather forgotten. then, no matter what, friends will still take you for who you are and forgive you no matter how bad you have treated them. AWWWW :D

TRUE or not?

i feel so lost of touch with some friends of mine hmmm. perhaps, they are just too busy for me. changes, changes! i must adapt to changes no matter how much i dislike them. then some people claimed that they miss me nowadays. how miss-able can i get? hahaha kidding :)

i am leaving to KL and Genting Highlands for trip. wheeeeee!

speaking of trip, i had wonderful moments in singapore with my dearest friends - yue shern, regina and janice. i never knew riding a bicycle could be more tiring than walking :/ oh right, i didnt know how to ride a bicycle and still dont know how to. 1st i tried the 4wheels bicycle in east coast park. then all the small kids laughed at me and i was too tired to ride on my own. i ended up riding with yueshern since shes the only one that could ride a bicycle properly. at times, she would rest her legs and let me cycled all by myself without realising and thats when the bicycle started moving slowly. CIS! it felt like the muscles on my legs expanded. okay, more on the singapore trip and bicycle story and pictures will be updated, soon.

2:03 AM

Friday, April 3, 2009
okay, this is something random :)

How do you strike up conversation with SHY people and keep the conversation going?
yes, i emphasized on the word *ahem* shy, heee :P

i personally find shy people adorable with their shy actions, awww. hahahah!

i started college already and i dont like the morning classes :( but no complaints! i am having fun :D :D :D i have this accounts lecturer who speaks like pn chua, yay? oh wait, her pronounciation and teaching might be worse :/
i told je sen i couldnt wait to go to college because i could go on a diet and lose weight (i gained weight!). and now it seems like i cant wait to go to college to eat and i sure will put on more weight now, ishh! i think about what to eat during break in college every night before sleeping instead of what to wear, which most people do. i am so greedy :(

i carry backpack to school wheeee. okay, thats silly lol.

seee, the nike backpack melvin and me bought together :D

gim chuan says i look like turtle with it :/ reason of mentioning this line here is because i know SOMEBODY is stalking me here ahaha!
2:44 AM

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
an update,after so long... once again :D
feb is coming to an end and march is beginning. oh yes, it means i am getting my spm results soon *gasp* - die,die,die!
i secretly do hope my result slip goes missing in their examination department though LOL!
im starting college soon too, going for march intake. i was undecisive between ptpl and segi. but in the end, my parents decided to enrol me in disted instead. why ? they said disted is better, and most importantly, ample parking spaces lol. of all reasons.
i have officially rested for like 3months already, and i didnt even bother looking for a part time job. talking about laziness *shakes head*

"tiffany, you really need to get yourself busy by doing something instead of thinking nonsense! "
"tiffany,what do you do everyday? dont you find your life dull?"
asked by my dearest friends.

well, the truth is i actually am enjoying myself though the same routine keeps repeating everyweek. either im out with friends to the same old place or rot at home. basically, i havent been doing anything beneficial or productive throughout my long break. oh wait, driving is considered beneficial but i feel dreadful each time i need to go for lesson, the cars on the road are scary sigh. then, what matters most is that i have fun before getting serious into studies again.
& for those that are concerned or rather got a lil irritated that im so free while they are working their ass off, im going off to college. so yea, you wont hear much from me anymore, or at least i think so. and for a specific person with a capital F, i wont be bugging you that much anymore and youve been an awesome, great bestfriend for tolerating me and my nonsense,childish thoughts :)

here comes something random.
jang heng said, " guys = shit head. "
lol, thanks for listening to my nonsense if youre reading this. and yes, you just discriminated your own gender by saying that! haha!

i finally stepped out of one of the mess i got myself into and im glad. as far as im concerned, my year always ended good but started a little, tiny weeny rocky. im sure everything will go well eventually :)

omg see, im too free now i dug out some pictures hahaah! during school camp `o8; fond memories :D :D :D

busy scolding people ( or to be precise, goh) lol. & look at regina's blur face. so cute! haha

LOL! we looked hilarious. our attempt of jumping shot failed. whatever weishian was doing AHHAAH

& whee! we did it :)

i was REALLY preparing food :D
nobody got food poisoning, lalala

just look at yilin's mouth. so cute ahahah! :D

till then :)

10:45 AM

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
i went for driving practical today and it was so tiring. thank goodness i got a very patient instructor :D :D :D i had HARD time with the steering and clutch and switching gear...practically EVERYTHING! i got so worried at one point i even broke my nails :( my car moved so,so SLOW i could walk even FASTER! lol. my legs are too short i had to sit very near to the steering in order to be able to step on the clutch,brake and accelerator properly. my car was jerky a few times and my instructor laughed at me =/ he was like, "your hands are not strong enough. bo chiak pui? next time eat more before coming." anyway bo chiak pui means didnt eat rice in hokkien. hah,i made driving sound so miserable LOL. in time to come i hope to be better in driving if not, die,Die,DIE!

oh yes, im back from singapore. and i had so much fun in singapore i want to go back there!!! i didnt manage to go on so many rides because i was scared and due to time constraint, and im regretting now T.T ANYWAY, i shall upload the pictures later on :)

note to self : MUST go back to singapore one FINE day!
10:17 AM

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
HAH, regina, here comes the long post :P
okay, as we all know, 2008 is coming to an end. and everybody seems to be writing their bittersweet memories throughout the year and such. as for me, im going to do something a lil different, something not so cliche. something just for laugh :)

so, im sure all of us had embarrassing moments right?

here's the top10 of my embarrasing act throughout the year. (there's more as you see, im a klutz, then im not gonna list everything out heh)

i shall start from the bottom.
10. i looked at my reflection through the car's window screen without realising there was a man in the car
9. walked into a clear glass door in a mall
8. dropped a whole rack of shoes and walked away without realising that the salesperson were looking at me until after awhile
7. i saw this present my sis' friend gave it to her and screamed aloud, "eh,isnt this what your friend gave you? it's rm25! " and apparently, the girl working there was that girl who gave that thing to my sis.
6. got tricked by tgif workers during my bday in public. even small kids laughed at me :(
5. i wanted to buy these shirts from esprit and i thought they were on sales, so i went to the cashier to pay and i realised that they weren't on sales and i had not enough money then. therefore i had to ask the cashier to cancel my purchase and she was probably cursing me ><
4. i kicked down a notice woodstand in borders because i was busy talking and the guard caught me doing so
3. commented on a lady which i thought she was a mannequin
2. fell down in the cinema and people stared at me for a moment. thank god it's dark so nobody could see my face properly heh

and now, the most recent and my personal favourite of the year. *drumroll*
1. stepped on my date's shoes during ballroom dance in prom. boohoo, im sorry, lil guy haha. i just didnt know how to ballroom dance =/

oh yes, i did more, but i just cant remember and well some of it may be pretty lame. then i just wanna complete the post. teehee.

oh oh, im going singapore wheee!
singapore,here i come :)

till then.
12:12 AM

Monday, December 15, 2008
i am back.
spm is finally over *squels*, like for weeks already ? and it has been a long time since i last updated my blog, because laziness is holding me back,sigh.
ANYWAY, this shall be a very short update.

whee, what a joy !

to all the readers here as well as other people out there, have a wonderful year ahead and god bless.

8:15 AM

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